Academy Sports+Outdoors Athlete of the Week: Mya Hill

Mya Hill is a junior at Northside High School. The daughter of Tony and Tammy Hill, Mya has played on the Lady Eagles’ varsity softball team for all three years of high school. She is a member of FFA and Beta club at school, and attends First Baptist Church of Warner Robins. During her time at Northside, Mya has received the Northside slugger award and states, “I’m extremely proud of our Northside Softball Program that has progressively improved under the leadership of Coach Belcher since my freshman year.”

Here are some questions Mya answered about Herself:national-exterminating

What has been one of your greatest accomplishments as an athlete?

“Actually I have several accomplishments that I cherish; one was being the first 9-10 year old to hit a ball out (of) the park in WRALL (Warner Robins American Little League). Another was breaking the record, as the youngest player ever to hit a 220ft homer out of McCurry State Park while playing travel ball, at the age of 11. Finally I was awarded the “Best Athlete Award” in all sports at Northside Middle School.”

What has been one of your greatest disappointments? What was the best team you have been on?

“Definitely having knee Surgery and having to sit out a season of travel ball was my biggest disappointment in the summer of 2012. The best travel team I’ve played on has to be the Riverdale Lady Braves from Atlanta; we had solid coaches and seasoned players and a winning tradition.”

Describe an embarrassing athletic moment.Southside-Baptist-Church-ad

“I was playing in the outfield at a travel game, and a fly ball was hit in the gap. I was in full stride in pursuit of catching the ball and my teammate failed to call me off the ball, and we collided so hard that we both were taken to the hospital with injuries.”

In your family, who “likes” your sport the most? Why?

“I must say my Dad. Because he loves to watch me compete, and pushes me to excel in sports and academics and re-enforces me with his favorite saying; “Big Chick”, “Show up & Show out.””

Best player you have ever played with and why?

“I have to say my teammate Jaliyah Lynch, because we get along like sisters, and always played on the same travel teams. We just have the same mentality and determination of being the best at hitting the long balls and putting points on the board for our team.”

Fun Facts About Mya:

Who is a “hero” in your life and why?

“When I think of hero’s the quality of Sacrifice comes to mind. I definitely know my oldest brother Tony is a hero. He is in the military and is constantly deployed to Afghanistan with the Predator Drones, and is often away from family for extended periods of times in the fight against world terrorism.”

What was the scariest thing you have had to do? Are you glad you did it?

“After I passed the Drivers Exam for my Learners License, my parents made me drive
thru Atlanta on the interstate with them to gain experience. Yes, it did wonders for improving my confidence in driving.”

What is your favorite Disney movie?Mya Hill _7 Northside High School

“The Princess and The Frog”

What is your favorite TV show?

“Empire” and “Hit the Floor”

What is your favorite food?

“I love Chinese food and Soul Food.”