Bears preparing for Corky Kell Classic

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Wars every week.

That is how Houston County Head Coach Von Lassiter described the new Region 1-AAAAAA. That of: Northside, Coffee, Lee County, Valdosta and the Bears.

“Not any halftime games like we’ve become accustomed to in the past,” he said during a preview of SportMic Radio’sSunmark-Ad SunMark Bank pregame show. (Note: To listen to the full interview, tune in tomorrow online at or download the newest app available for iPhone and Android.)

“That’s the only concern I have,” Lassiter continued. “The toll it’ll take on the kids’ bodies. And maybe my mental health as well (laughs).”

The Bears will begin their year Thursday as part of the three-day Corky Kell Classic. Nine games total make up the venue. Two of those will be held at Mercer University. Two more will be held at McEachern High School, with the last five being played in the Georgia Dome.

Houston County is part of the Macon twin-bill and is in fact the opener. Kickoff is set for 5:45 p.m. The opponent: Mary Persons. (Note: Check out Greg Elrod’s article “MP vs Houston: The greatest game that never was,” here on our website.)

“They do a great job,” Lassiter said, of a program that he was a part of not too long ago. His – the team’s – history with the classic began the summer before last, Lassiter said, when the players took part in the Corky Kell 7-on-7 format. That in turn got him introduced to its organizers. “Mary Persons is a football town,” he continued. “A football place and they give them the tools to be successful. It’s always been traditionally a rich tradition.”mgsu

As far as down in the trenches, Lassiter said of the Bulldogs’ defense: “(I) see a lot of players everywhere … Their front six and their 3-3 staked defense is as good as you’ll see. They’re solid.

“I think they’ve got good run stoppers and guys on the edge who can stop perimeter runs. I think they’re just really good in all positions.”

On offense, Lassiter said he hadn’t seen much – based off of the one scrimmage – but said, “They’ll do what they do. They’ve got playmakers,” he said. “Guys in the backfield. Real solid players. One can really run. The other can really bruise you up if he wants to.

“They’re more of a downfield run type team, but they do a good job and their offensive line comes off (the ball) relentlessly.”