State basketball finals preview: Warner Robins vs. Miller Grove

History is about to repeat itself.

The million-dollar question: Which history?

Will it be 2009’s history in which Miller Grove won its first state basketball championship (at the AAAA level)? Or will it be 2010, 2011 or 2012 in which it repeated … and repeated and … the effort?

Or will it be 2013’s in which the Wolverines out of Lithonia won their first at the AAAAA level?

Perhaps it will be 2016’s in which Miller Grove won yet another one, beating Southwest-DeKalb 65-60.

The last thing Warner Robins wants is for it to be the history of 2014. That’s the year the Wolverines beat the Demons in the finals 70-43.

Instead, Warner Robins, when the two meet again in the state championship finals Thursday at 8 p.m. in the Macon Centreplex, would like – love, hope, are striving/working, etc, to see – is for it to be the year 2015.

Ah yes. “The Best Year in History for the Average Human Being,” according to “The Atlantic.” That’s the one the Demons

want. They get that, they get their first state championship – after flirting with it the last four years under Head Coach Jamaal Garman. (They were 13-14 the first year he took over for John Chance, who in turn took over for the beloved and legendary Chip Malone – the 2012-2013 season – but have had 27-3, 25-5, 21-3 seasons since; and currently working on a 27-3 one.)

Miller Grove comes into the game averaging 59 points on offense. Warner Robins averages 81, so that might seem like a plus – hard not to view it as one – except for the fact the Wolverines scored their most points of the year in their Sweet 16 matchup against Buford (figures it would be against a team that also has a history with Warner Robins – knocking the Demons out in the Elite Eight last year). That was 79. Warner Robins has topped the century marked twice this year and came within six or less points four additional times (including a 99-82 win over Eagles Landing in its Sweet 16.

The Wolverines also allow 53 points per game while Warner Robins averages 70.

Of Miller Grove’s players, junior Maurice Harvey appears to be the most dangerous. He averages just over 13 points a game. Lorenzo Anderson, a senior, averages 12 and Terrence Edwards, a sophomore, comes in just shy of nine and Jermon Clark just short of eight. (Note: These are totals the

team has listed on MaxPreps through January only – 22 games – so are obviously prone to error. They do give you a feel for who to watch for, however.)

Warner Robins did not list individual statistics, but most are familiar with the dynamic play and solid/consistent contributions of Georgia State bound Nelson Phillips, Jacolbey Owens, Jaydon Norman, Trevon Williams, Jam’l Dillard, Bobby Kelly and M.J. King – all seniors on a senior-laden team (10 to be exact).

They need no introduction … well, except: “Introducing the 2018 state basketball champion …”