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Academy Sports+Outdoors Prolific Player Profile: Shaylen Brown

Name: Shaylen Brown

Parents name: Luther and Langela Brown

Grade: Senior

School: Veterans High

Sports played and years: Volleyball: junior varsity, one year; varsity, three years

Awards/achievements/clubs involved in: Beta Club, Partners Club, National English Honors Society, National Spanish Honors Society, Best Defensive Player of the Year 2018, Scholar Athlete Award 2018, Second Team All-Region 2018, First Team All-Region 2019


Best player you have ever played with and why? 

“The best player I have ever played with would have to be my good friend Meredith Buchanan. Meredith has pushed me to love the game of volleyball more than anyone I have ever played with. Her attitude about the game is always positive and she always encourages me to be my very best, even on my worst days.”

What has been one of your greatest accomplishments as an athlete? 

“My greatest accomplishments would have to be the ones that I received my junior year. At the end of the season not only did I get best defensive player, I also got the scholar athlete award.

“This has to be one of my greatest accomplishment because it shows that all the late nights and stressful days were recognized. It showed that I was not only concerned about being an athlete but also a student by ensuring that my grades were where they needed to be.”

When are you the most nervous while you are competing? 

“If you have ever played volleyball before then you know that serving is the one thing that a player can control on their own. I feel the most nervous when going back to serve the last point of a set. I feel all the pressure from the team to get the serve over in order to be able to win the last point.”


In your family, who “likes” your sport the most? 

“The person who “likes” my sport the most would have to be my dad because you can always hear him cheering the loudest in the stands.”


What is the most challenging thing for you to do in your sport? 

“The most challenging thing for me to do is pass. I do not play back row, but after I serve, I have to play back row until we lose the point and it kicks my butt almost every time.

“I have had a few good plays but it definitely makes me have more respect for the passers on our team.”


What is your favorite food? 


What do you most like to do when you’re hanging out with friends? 

“During the summer I love going to the pool with my friends and in the fall, we always go to the football games on Friday nights. Whenever there isn’t anything going on, my friends and I will just go out to eat and talk for hours.”


What is your favorite tv show? 

“My mom and I enjoy watching this tv series called “Married at first sight”.


Who is your biggest “fan?” 

“My biggest “fan” would have to be my mom. In the beginning, my mom was not too fond of volleyball but over the years she has become my biggest supporter. From the late nights after my high school games to driving all over the place for my club teams; she has always been there to support and push me.”

What are some things you like-just because? 

“The main things I like are: shopping, going to the pool, ice cream, and my dog!”

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