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Bears Head Coach Ryan Crawford reflects on team’s spring

Holes. Not the 2003 movie featuring Shia LaBeouf, but those Houston County is looking to fill this offseason.

That was one of the goals this spring, said Head Coach Ryan Crawford, to include the Bears’ recent Spring game against Peach County.

“You’ve got some young guys who have an opportunity to play,” he said. “We lost some guys on the offensive line, offensive skill guys. That’s a big part of what we’ve got to fill in this offseason, so it (the Spring game) was a good opportunity to see a lot of young guys, offensive line-wise.

“We still had some guys that are dinged up that are going to help us when we get them back,” he continued. “(But) we were able see some guys in competitive situations I think is really going to help us.”

“So I think that’s the thing about spring. When you start a new season. I think that’s the great thing about high school football. Is you have the opportunity to play guys who haven’t had the opportunity to play at the varsity level.

“So to get them out there on a Friday night against a quality opponent, quality atmosphere, you know big-time Friday atmosphere, and see how they perform, so I think that’s the big thing going into spring.”

One area Crawford filed under “pleasantly surprised” – although it really wasn’t much of a “surprise” per say – was at the tight end position. He said the coaches have a “few” they really like, and they like where they stand in that area.

where they stand in that area – they have a “few”

“The ‘old school’ fullback is gone now but you have the ‘new school’ type fullback and we have several of those guys that really had a good spring. So a couple of those guys we’re really excited about.”

He added he’s also excited about the quarterback position. Two got a mention as far as those competing, rising ninth grader Antwan Hill and rising 11th grader Ross Curbow, but where they stand as a whole has him “intrigued”, he said.

“I think we’ll be able to do some things offensively we didn’t’ get to do in previous years,” he said. “We’ll be able to get back and do some things we’re excited about.”

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