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Bears’ Ryan Crawford: It was like an ‘unexpected injury’

Nothing compares to it.

But if Houston County High School’s Athletics Director and Head Football Coach Ryan Crawford were to dig deep to try and find an analogy for the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on high school sports – the world in general – it would be that of an unexpected injury. One in which the athlete, he said, wasn’t expected to get injured and then does and all of a sudden all of their hard work and dedication is gone in a flash.

“I had a chance to experience that playing myself when I was younger,” he said. “And hurt my knee and missed the whole year into the summer. So, I kind of know about that.”

His biggest hurt right now, he said, is for seniors (hear him talk in length about it in SportsMic’s Greg Elrod’s interview below), and the fact they won’t be able to enjoy the sights and sounds, etc, that come with their final year in high school.

In continuing the analogy of the coronavirus/athlete he continued: “I think the biggest thing, is anytime you get beat in the playoffs, or in a round, you kind of know going into that game this could be it.

“I’ve been fortunate to be part of state champions, the good side and the bad side. And deep runs into the playoffs. But you knew at the end of the night somebody was going to lose. And then, the ‘over of it’ can happen in a hurry. But you do know that it’s going to happen (one way or the other) … But you never think about injuries. (Like coronavirus, the suddenness, the unexpectedness.) You never think, ‘If I go into this game and get hurt I’m done.’ You don’t think about that.

“So, that’s probably the biggest comparison.”

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