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Bears’ Wesley Steiner named Under Armour All-American

They could be labeled the “fab five”.

And that could be a reference to the five from Georgia who have been named Under Armour All-Americans and selected to play in the All-America Football Game Jan. 2, 2020 in Orlando, Fla. Those are: Broderick Jones of Lithonia, Phillip Webb of Buford, Sergio Allen of Fort Valley, Tank Bigsby of LaGrange and Wesley Steiner from Warner Robins.

So it could be them. But most likely it refers to Steiner’s.

First and foremost for the Houston County Bear, this at his jersey presentation ceremony Friday at the school, is God.

“If we didn’t have a God, none of this would be possible,” the Auburn-commit said. “None of the good things in this world would mean anything, but because we have God, this opportunity means something special.” (It also meant something special to a lot of NFL greats, Head Coach Ryan Crawford said prior. Those included Julio Jones, A.J. Green, Amari Cooper and Jameis Winston, just to name a few, he said.)

Second was his grandmother, “all of my immediate family, who may not be here,” he added. “My family’s been a huge influence upon my life.”

Third were the coaches.

“The coaches in this program, regardless of myself … These men do so much for us in this school, it’s a shame for me to speak. There’s no value to what their work does for this school.

“Not just the football coaches. It’s the cheer coaches and the volleyball coaches, our tennis coaches, the golf coaches. It’s all of these coaches and they do such a wonderful job trying to groom us into student-athletes.”

Fourth on the list: The administration.

“Thank y’all so much. The growth of this football program in this school would not be possible without the continuous support and commitment y’all bring.

“I’m blessed just to have such a wonderful administration backing us up every day.”

Last but not least was his teammates.

“This isn’t a ‘one-man’ show. The Lord made this game for us to play as a family, and there is no greater game than football where you can come together as a family. And I have each and every one of y’all to make something special.

“It’s just a wonderful gift that God has given me, to be able to call y’all my family. And to call y’all my brothers. And I’m proud to be a part of this team. And I’m proud to be a brother of yours. Hopefully y’all will say the same thing.”

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