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Eagles – a look back, now ‘springing’ forward

Adapt and overcome.

That was the first thing Northside Head Coach Chad Alligood said he and the staff – and players – learned in 2020. Like “everybody else”: dealing with Covid, he added, as well as: “One thing I learned about last year’s team, I thought we got better as the year went on. We made some adjustments as a coaching staff after the first five ballgames. We had a good win against Peach and then we had three abysmal outings. Warner Robins. Richmond Hill and Colquitt.

“So, it made me come back in here, and we readjusted how we practiced. We totally scratched what we thought we were doing right. And came in and kind of went old school on how we practiced a lot of things and got back to what Northside does, what made Northside who it was.”

The grand total for the Eagles was a 4-7 record, which included making the playoffs (but in a four-team region it has to be added). However, Alligood continued that he thought the second half of the season “we showed that (changing things up had its effect). We played a lot and a lot more physical. We simplified some things, and you know, we had our chances. We were one play away from beating Lee County. We had our chances against Valdosta and pulled out a good win against HoCo in the end.

“And so I thought the second half of the year, we played a lot better. And the kids kept getting better and the kids kept buying into what we were doing.”

To hear more from Northside’s second-year skipper as the Eagles begin spring workouts, click on the link below. (Note: Perry and Northside will also meet in a scrimmage, May 6, 5:30 p.m. at McConnell-Talbert Stadium.)

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