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Lens and Listen: The last battle of Miller Grove

It was probably the longest anyone has ever held their breath. And it was only a second (maybe two).

Warner Robins High’s Jacobley Owens threw up a fader from 3-point land.

He stopped breathing. His fellow teammates on the floor stopped breathing. Likewise for Miller Grove. The benches stopped breathing. The fans on both sides stopped breathing. Those who were watching it on TV stopped breathing. Those who were listening on SportsMic stopped breathing. Even the medical staff, ready at a moment’s notice in case someone stopped breathing, stopped breathing.

A swish was heard.

Exhales swirled and crashed within the confines of the Macon Centreplex like a hurricane. They were lost in the cheers. At least those from the side of the Demons. They had won the Class AAAAA state basketball championship, 67-64.

It was the culmination of a season that included 28 wins and only three losses. (One of which was to a fellow state champ, Upson-Lee at the AAAA level, one of which was to a state runner-up, Gainesville, AAAAAA and one of which was to a team that made it to the Final Four, Newton, AAAAAAA.)

As you reflect on all of the memories of that standout season – the ushering in of the Jamaal Garman era – we invite you to relive the sights and sounds of that championship game below, as we present you with Lens and Listen.

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