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Northside-Warner Robins – another one for the ‘history’ books

Northside is trying to avoid history … again.

Warner Robins is trying to make it … again.

It’s been 24 years since the Demons won three-straight – or more – from the Eagles. In 1990 they won 41-6 and then went on to win five more times back-to-back-to … – two of those 21-0 shutouts.

Not only that, but the whole early era represents a time Northside would not like to see return. (Note: All stats per When they first started playing in 1964, Warner Robins won the first two, then the Eagles won a pair, and then it was all Demons. They won seven straight before the boys in orange and blue could stop the bleeding – a 20-18 win, the year being 1975. That did little to get the crimson out as Warner Robins then won eight of the next 10 – bringing the year to 1985. Northside won the next three out of four but then it was the streak already mentioned to start this article.

As far as three straight – and the modern era, which the Eagles no doubt find more to their liking – Northside did it from 2001-2003. It also won four straight from 2005-2008, three straight from 2010-2012 and three straight from 2014-2016.

So, three straight. It’s a big deal.

Especially Friday if you’re an Eagles squad facing it or a Demons squad trying to write it into the record books (and start bragging about a return to sustained greatness, yada, yada).

Warner Robins won its first to set up the potential three straight, 28-17. It won its second 39-34, and yes, everybody will still be talking about that “hail Mary” pass into the endzone …”He was in!” … “He was out!” … but it won’t change the result. (Hopefully everybody will remember how great a game it was, with the lead changing hands six times.)

The bottom line is both – Northsid 3-2, Warner Robins 3-1 – will have the usual incentive to win: crosstown rivals, “my daddy and my great granddaddy and his great granddaddy played in this game”, etc, etc, but this time there will be a little something extra on the line.

One will be trying to avoid history … again. One will be trying to make it … again.

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