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Panthers’ Tim Hutchens – ready to get back to getting the Panthers’ house in order

Tim Hutchens has been getting his house in order. Literally. Meaning the Perry baseball head coach has been “keeping busy” during this time of the coronavirus pandemic, isolation and school being on hold. In addition to spending time with family, “The yard looks great,” he said lightheartedly. “The garage is organized.”

Previously, Hutchens was busy trying to get the Panthers baseball team’s home in order. They were 5-6 before the break, but they weren’t that far off. Especially considering their youth: seven sophomores and three freshmen. (At one point Hutchens recalled fielding a lineup of five sophomores and a freshman.)

They were also 3-1 at home and had split matchups with two of the county’s schools: Veterans and Northside.

“I think we’re headed in the right direction,” he said. “Some of these guys are battling. They’re really working their tails off. And we just need to get to that consistency (eliminating walks, hit batsmen, etc, was what he referred to earlier in the conversation) if we ever get this thing rolling again.”

For Hutchens’ complete thoughts on the subject, check out SportsMic’s Bud Pearce’s interview below.

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