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Perry Football 2023 Spring Preview: Panthers look to get better with each practice after holding their first Spring Practice session earlier today

The sound of players running onto the field, whistles almost constantly blowing, and coaches screaming to get the maximum amount of effort out of their players with each rep they run and doing so continuously with repetition until they get it right is the sounds of Football Spring Practice at Herb St. John Stadium as Perry held their first practice earlier today.

The Panthers are looking to make strides during the Spring to get them ready for the main event in the Fall with a goal of trying to get over the hump by getting past the Elite Eight and into the Final Four and possibly deeper after being eliminated in Round 3 in 2020 and 2021 and also getting stunned at home to Wayne Co in the Sweet Sixteen in a low-scoring contest last season.

When asked about how many seniors the 2023 team could potentially have in an interview with Sportsmic team member Cole Powell; Panthers head coach Kevin Smith said “Right now we got 31 seniors you know, if we keep 31 through the season that’ll probably be the most I’ve had since I’ve been here, we’ve been averaging anywhere between 24, 22, 25 right there um but this junior class uh, there’s a lot of them that stuck it out, there’s a lot of good players in that class.”

Perry’s Spring Game will be at Thomas Co Central on Friday May 12th.

Coach Smith is entering his seventh year as the Panthers’ head coach and holds a record of 47-24. To hear more on the upcoming season, the amount of seniors that are graduating off of the 2022 team, a further outlook on potentially playing at Mercer in 2024, and the well-known coffee bean analogy…. click on the video down below.

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