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Perry scores big Homecoming win over Monroe

Perry started out like it wanted to set a new land speed record. It hit a speed bump, then took off again enroute to a 45-20 Homecoming win over Monroe Friday night.

In regard to the first, the Panthers made it 17-0 within nine minutes of the first quarter – the only scoring done during that span.

The obstacle came in the second. The Golden Tornadoes put together two drives and two scores to make it 17-12. That’s where the half ended.

It also made the stat department look even. Monroe had 126 yards rushing on 26 attempts. Perry had 68 on 13. The Panthers had 85 yards passing. The Golden Tornadoes had 40. All told Monroe had 166 yards. Perry had 153.

The extended halftime might have provided the opportunity for a long talk.

At any rate, the Panthers that came out were the Panthers that started.

They put up 22 points in the third quarter and six in the fourth. Lane Rucker found Daequan Wright on a 15-yard touchdown pass to finish off a drive and make it 24-12. Then he hit Tyrell Owens for 63 yards and a score. Perry went for the two-point conversion, made it, and made it 32-12.

Another chance, another big play. This time it was Rucker finding Aaron Hall for a 50-yard strike. Again, the Panthers went for two and again they made it.

Monroe managed its only score of the second half following and with a two-point conversion as well made it 39-18.

That led to yet one more big play by Perry, a 50-yard pass from Rucker to Owens.

With the win, the Panthers improved to 2-2. Monroe fell to 1-2.

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