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Press box named in honor of Mike Davis

“There’s the snap. They get pressure. He gets the kick off and Brown’s going to look at it. It’s going to hit at the 20 and ‘let it roll’.

“They’re down to three … two … one. That’s ballgame! Eagles are state champions! Eagles are state champions for 2014! They’re running all over the field, jumping up and down! Oh what a beautiful sight! What a beautiful sight!”

Those were the words that echoed once more within the confines of McConnell-Talbert Stadium Aug. 23.

They were the words of Mike Davis. They originated from the press box that now officially bears his name. That was settled during a ceremony prior to Northside’s game against Centennial.

It included recognition of some who have worked with him in the past: Warner Robins Mayor Randy Toms, SportsMic Cofounder and former Eagles Head Coach Conrad Nix, SportsMic Cofounder Greg Elrod, former Warner Robins Coach and broadcaster Tom Mobley, Mike’s most current broadcast partner, Dennis Clark, among others.

It also included recognition of family members in attendance, as well as a plaque presented – by Nix and Houston County Board of Education Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tom Scott – to his wife, Diane and son Blake, as well as the official announcement, as read through the public address system.

“This dedication is from a loving community to show our love and respect for Mike. The Houston County school system honors Mike for devoting 25 years to student athletes. He was recognized by fans and supporters as a premier sportscaster of high school sports.

“In recognition of Mike’s loving commitment to high school sports, the press box at McConnell-Talbert stadium from this point forward will be named the Mike Davis press box.”

Davis, born July 18, 1953, passed away Jan. 26, 2019.

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