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6 from Warner Robins High School sign football scholarships

Warner Robins High School had six sign football scholarships Wednesday on National Signing Day. They were: Christon Lane, Fred Perry, Deuce Petty, Jay Carter, Noah Stovall and Nathaniel Sanford.

Lane signed with Tuskegee. Perry signed with Jacksonville State. Petty signed with Tuskegee. Carter signed with West Georgia. Stovall signed with Albany State and Sanford signed with Reinhardt.

Lane, said Head Coach Marquis Westbrook, was a “great quarterback in every sense of the word. He was patient. He waited his turn. He showed up. He was a huge reason why we were able to do what we did (win back-to-back state championships)”

Perry, he said, “If you follow us, you saw what he did on the football for us.” He, a two-year, transfer in, is going to play safety, Westbrook said. “He had to choose and chose the college that was the best fit for him. He’s just a phenomenal young man, always fiery. I always say, if Fred in in the room, you know Fred’s in the room. It was the same way on the field.”

Sanford, he said, wore a lot of numbers for the Demons. Defensive Tackle, halfback, even on the offensive line. “He did everything we asked him,” said Westbrook, “unselfish, tough.”

Stovall was a four-year player – right tackle – who came to work every day, Westbrook said. “One of those blue collar guys. And he really led in a way that wasn’t really vocal, but he’s a guy we could hang our hat on. Leading by example.”

Carter – linebacker, special teams, Westbrook said, was another player who did anything he was asked to do. “He was a force for us in the middle. He made a lot of our jobs easier because of the things he could do.

Finally, Petty, he said, was a quiet, humble-spirited, player. But, he added, “He has a fire in him that never goes out. He’s a hustler. He does everything we’ve asked him to do. (Receiver, defensive back, special teams – another ‘hang-our-hat’ kid, Westbrooks said.) He’s quiet by nature but he leads by example. He’s going to take these intangibles and make Tuskegee better.”

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