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Sportsmic: Sixteen minutes with Coach Bowden

Legendary football Coach Bobby Bowden passed away today.  During his 91 years,  he lived a life that “touched all the bases”.    Sportsmic was fortunate to get sixteen minutes of this time a few years ago.   The interview is below for you to enjoy.   We are happy to share this feature again as a part of our archived “Legends” series.

Coach Bowden visited with Coach Nix and  Sportsmic while in town to speak at 2015 FCA banquet.   During the intereview,  Coach Bowden discusses his early days in coaching at South Georgia College, his relationship with the late Billy Franklin of Warner Robins,  and the recruitment of Warner Robins football legend Ron Simmons to FSU.   Coach Bowden also shares his story of missing “first base” when he thought he had scored a “home run”.

Coach Bowden was legendary Hall of Fame football coach,  a strong christian mentor,  a respected speaker, a loved father/ grandfather/ great grand father.  He were honored to spend sometime with him.  He will be missed by many.

Join us as we look back on our sixteen minutes with Coach Bowden from 2015

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