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VHS 2022 preview – Putting in the work to win

“There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.”

That quote from Derek Jeter just might fit in nicely with Veterans’ football philosophy. They’re moving out of what was a tough region in 1-AAAAA – Warner Robins and such – and on up to one that just might be even tougher: 1-AAAAAA and the likes of Lee County, Northside, Houston County, Tift County and Thomas County Central.

“…..our kids at Veterans know how to work and they’re going to be tough”,  Head Coach Josh Ingram

It is a region outside of Veterans that might be blessed with “huge bodies”, as first year Head Coach Josh Ingram put it – as most know, this is not his first year at Veterans – but the question is: Will those huge bodies work harder?

He, a man with weight training, health, science and health conditioning training as part of his resume, would argue that they better, because the Warhawks will.

“We have to maximize every day in the weight room. We have to maximize every lift. Everything that we’re doing from a speed and conditioning standpoint for us to have a shot.

“And that’s something Milan Turner (his mentor) believed in. Something we take a lot of pride in. I mean our kids at Veterans know how to work and they’re going to be tough.

“They’re going to step on the field and they’re not going to lay down for anybody. I know we have a tough region, a lot of large schools with a lot of great players. But we believe in being tough and fighting tooth and nail like that and practicing like that and building that environment in the weight room where it’s conducive to physical and tough play on the field.

“So, that’s very important. You’ve got to have that. I believe that’s one of the most important aspects of any program.”

To listen to the complete interview, click on the link below.


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