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Augusta, I Want to Break Up

greg-elrodAugusta … I want to break up.

It is with great regret that I write to you to share my true feeling about our relationship. Over the past few years, I’ve enjoyed some good times with you – learned to care about you and your extended family, been treated with respect and kindness. I have received immeasurable hospitality from you and your family. You have been awesome! Unfortunately, it is hard to enjoy a healthy, quality relationship when we live so far apart. I know we promised Uncle GH and Aunt SA that we would give this our best shot and try to make it work. I’m sure they saw us as a true match made in heaven and believed it in our best interest to be together. I believed this too for a while, but I started looking at Google maps, adding up car maintenance and gas bills.

Your eyes didn’t seem so blue after that.

This acknowledgement would cause me greater pain if I didn’t know in my heart of hearts that you feel exactly the same way. After all you are traveling 50% of the time. It’s not in your nature to complain, but I Sportsmic Jones vs northsideknow you will also be relieved knowing you will not have to continue this long-distance relationship. I remember a couple years back when we went through a rough spot. I thought you were gonna break away then with some of your friends. Truth is, if it had not been for Uncle GH and Aunt SA, you would probably already be seeing other people or at least spending your time with your local besties.

I don’t really know where I will go from here. Uncle GH and Aunt SA say there are some great matches up in the Atlanta area, but I don’t want to go there either. Too much traffic.

I really hoping things will realign and it will move some compatibles into my area. I’m heading back up a few more times this year, and I’m hoping you continue that great hospitality I love so much about you. My desire is to remain friends and spend some time together maybe a dinner over a playoff game or something on that order.

And please remember:

It’s not you Augusta, Its me!




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